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Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes, Your Store is on Facebook.

Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes recently announced they have granted optional admin rights of the Facebook pages for their 87 store pages to their management team.  In addition to rolling out manager controlled Facebook pages they have also created a Facebook Interests List that allows anyone to follow all Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppe affiliated pages in one click.

There are many reasons for Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes to have individual store pages on Facebook.  They store pages as places to allow customers to share their location as well as comment on their experience Facebook check-in which is also accessible when checking in using the Nice N Easy Deals App.  
Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes Director of Marketing Jared Sturtevant oversaw the project and identified an opportunity. "After we had set up the store pages we noticed that the pages had a growing audience as customers began liking the stores pages without any advertising.  Once a small audience had been established, we began using these pages to publish some localized content that is not relevant on our company Facebook page.  We have also found that this has diverted some customer feedback from our company page to the store pages allowing customers to speak directly to that store; possibly to avoid the larger audience or simply because this is their store." said Sturtevant.

Nice N Easy is in the early stages of this grassroots digital marketing effort.  Currently eight locations are involved in the original test with more expected in the weeks to come.


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